Thursday, January 23, 2014

Packages from my American friends!

Today was a good day! Mostly because I got two packages in the mail today from two of my American friends!

Last week, I bought 10 skeins of some mohair, fluffy, blue yarn from Brooke. It's vintage and she sold it to me really cheap. Been thinking about making myself a sweater inspired by the Skappel sweater, but the yarn for it is so dang expencive. But with this blue yarn I now have bought, I'm thinking of making myself one, using this as one thread and using maybe beige alpaca along with it. Also, I've been pondering if I should use this pattern istead of the Skappel a little unique...

The other package was from Pickle! Some time last year, we did a art trade, where I made her two lemurs and she made me a couple of polar bears, and then decided to make me a musk ox as well!

She also sent me a bunch of candy and stuff! A ton of Kool Aid, some knitting equiptment and some safety eyes for amis!

Awesome international friends are awesome! I need to get stuff sent out as well...

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