Wednesday, January 1, 2014

First stitches of the year: Eternity scrap blanket!

Yes, I've allready started crafting! ...or you can call it and progress from last year...and the year before that...

I started this project about two years ago cause I realised that I had a bunch of smaller scraps that I just get myself to toss, and seeing as I rarely makes any plushies, using the scraps as stuffing wouldn't do me any good. Now you could argue that I would have a ton by the time I actually had something to stuff, but still, some of these scraps were big enough to get a few rounds on a knitted object! If only I had the determination and patience, I could have made a bunch of colorfull, striped garments by now!

But no, I decided to make something different, something I've seen around on other blogs I follow: a scrap blanket!

Seeing as my scraps weren't THAT big since I could save those for actual projects...I couldn't make something as awesome as this:

Or this:

Or this:

Instead I started this...
This picture was taken one and a half year ago. It's crochet and the scraps are pretty small...though, the ones you see here are actually bigger than the ones I'm saving right now. I got a rule to save any scraps 10cm (4 inches) or longer as long as they're not big enough for actual project...or any weird kind of thickness, and I slowly work them into my blanket. It measures about 2 meters (6 feet 5 inches) in lenght and over the two years of working on it, it has grown to 51cm (20 inches) in width! The plan was to make it a bed spread, but lately I've been thinking of keeping it as a blanket in my crafting chair.

I am using a 3,5mm crochet hook for those of you whom might be wondering. Yes it's small, but when I usually work with this thickness in yarn, it was the best option. Thicker yarn I usually just toss, smaller ones I crochet with double thread as long as it's long enough or I got two sepperate and similar strands.

Took these pictures of the blanket earlier. Sorry for them not being the best, but my phone was running low on battery so I couldn't use flash.

I was thinking og getting this blanket to 2,5meter (8 feet 2 inches), so if I keep it up like this, the blanket will be done in 10 years. Yeah... That's a long time!


  1. Oooooh Leez!!! How amazing! But.. with all those small strands eh? Don't you have a lot of knots of all the yarn tied together?

    1. Yeah... The best way is to just tie them together so there's a bunch of knots...but I try to leave a end of 1cm and then just crochet over to hide it so you can't really see it too well, the same with the knot... Some small ends are popping out here and there, but those can easily just be cut off later.

    2. ahh okay ^^ That's a good idea indeed ^^ I'll try that with my future scrap projects :)

  2. Can't wait to start miiinneee!! Love yours!! -hugs- Happy New Year!