Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The yarn count!

Welp... It's first of january allready (only two more days until my birthday! Woop woop! Nooo...) and I've done my counting of thy yarnz. The standings for last year looks like this:
Start 1.1.13: 14250gr
Purchased/recieved: 13800 gr
Knitted/given away: 12300 gr
Total weight: 15750gr

And after a run through my yarn storage, I realised that I got more yarn than this and I must have missed super hard somewhere! Cause after I counted it all (atleast what I could find lying around...I'm a scatterbrain), I ended up with 349 skeins! Which then translates to 17450gr! If you're wondering, 50gr skeins are the normal skein size over here and just about every single skein I own are of this size. The few others that's 100gr or more have not been counted for since it only creates a problem in my statitics. The same goes for scraps BTW...

But of all of this, about 25 skeins were acryllic, which I hate... 50 were cotton/bamboo while the rest were  different kinds of wool, wool blends, acryllic and a tiny bit merino. That's alot of yarn ya'll...

I got about 17 skeins reserved for a Marius sweater for my boyfriend. Another 17 skeins of Drops Nepal for a cable sweater I started last autumn. A whole bag of 23 Drops Lima in different colors + scraps reserved for a skirt! Not to mention all the wool yarn my mother bought for me to make her two chair blankets... That's atleast 10 whole skeins + a bunch of scraps.

Here's the closet I'm supposed to have my yarn in... I don't think even half is actually in there!

And you know the worst thing? You can never have too much yarn!

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