Monday, January 6, 2014

More popular than my old blog!

Might just be a thing now in the beginning, but this blog has gathered more popularity, views and followers so much faster than my "main" blog. Only 6 days with active blogging and I've gained 222 pageviews, 7 followers and 6 comments overall on my 12 blogposts.

My other blog have been active for almost three years with only 21707 pageviews, 13 followers and 130 comments overall on my 157 blogpost. There's quite some difference there.

Now I've never been a popular blogger and I've never expected any popularity with my blogs, but this is making me quite happy, and if things keep going steady like this, this would make my most popular blog yet! But lets face it, that's never going to happend

And just to give this blogpost a picture like the rest of them, here's my progress on the mittens! This is taking forever! I hate stitching on patterns like this...

It doesn't look like much yet, but hopefully the result after felting will be awesome!

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