Friday, January 3, 2014

The knitting progress of the day - jan. 3rd

Another day with slow knitting. It was my birthday today and I were expecting my aunt and uncle over for coffee, so I woke up pretty early to get everything ready. I even made buns! But they didn't show up until sometime in the afternoon so I've been dead tired since noon.

But I did manage to start the Anna mittens today! Noticed that the yarn I'm using are a tad darker and not so vibrant in color, but that's ok. It's 65% wool and 35% alpaca blend so it's soft as well as warm. I found atleast 5 skeins + some scraps, but I'm starting with what you'll see here and see how far I'll get. The pattern asks 3 skeins of this yarn type that holds 162 meters (177 yards) in each skein...but the yarn I'm using only have 90 meters (98 yards) on each skein, so I will probably end up using more than just three.

Drops does sell some of their yarn internationally, but I have no idea where/if you can get this one outside of Norway/Scandinavia, but I highly recommend trying it out if you can get a hold of it.
As I've stated in a earlier blogpost, this is the leftovers from a sweater I made for Bård over a year ago. It was actually my first ever sweater! The pattern for the sweater can be found here.

ANYWAY! The mittens! Since I've had a lack of sleep (again) and had guests over and actually baked this morning, knitting has been slow and I haven't made too much progress on them. I've never made felted mittens before, so the size are kinda freaking me out.

Yeah... But I'm almost at the thumb now! I decided to go for the pattern from Sandnes Garn, so I appologise for you international readers, I doubt there's a english version of this pattern.

One thing I've forgotten to tell you guys about, is the fact that I'm using a notebook for every single project I'm working on from now on! I note down everything from what yarn I'm using, to needles, to patterns and also notes like how many rows I've knitted here and there so I don't have to count all the time! You will probably see this alot.

But Bård might be back with my birthday pizza pretty soon, so I should close it off here and get ready to enjoy that while it's hot! See you guys tomorrow...or maybe later today if I haven't fallen in a sleep coma...
As a footnote, my good friend Annet made me these awesome yarn mood emoticons (this yellow cat faced one were actually a extra one I requested from her last night, again, thank you sweetie!) and you can get your own special designed ones to use on your webpage, blog or whatever. Contact her on dA, she only charges 50 points for a set of 8! So much worth it I can't even!!!

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  1. Awwwwe!! ^w^ You're so sweet for featuring me <33

    Anna's mittens look quite big xD But I guess they'll shrink a bit while felting... I hope they turn out great :)