Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Todays progress - 7th jan

Another day full of crafting...or half of it atleast... Let's start with the Anna mittens!
I am closing in on finishing them, luckily, but there's still alot left. I did manage to finish of the diamond snowflake on the first mitten yesterday, and I'm almost halfway there on the second, but again I burned out and had to stop before I was going to kill someone. Also the fact that I managed to misplace one stitch on the first one are killing me, but I am NOT going to undo THAT much work, now way in hell! I got a feeling that these mittens are either going to make or break my day and my look at stitching + felting.

After I pulled out my UFO's which you can read about in the previous blog entry, I decided to pick up and hopefully finish the chair blankets for my mother. There was a few half done ones and a bunch that needed ends weaved in so I took care of that. After a recount I found out that I'm missing 12 squares before I can start to assemble them. I know there's one square missing in this picture, one fell out of the pile before I took the picture.

So yeah! Progress! I've been working on Anna's mittens for 4 days, I will get them finished this week. I have no idea about my other projects so we'll just have to see how things are progressing!

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