Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Quatrefoil mittens WIP

Quick little update on the mittens before bedtime.

To start off with the bad news first, I will not have enough blue...or maybe even green and pink to finish of the second I might actually have to buy more yarn to finish them off... Sad to think that a pair of these awesome mittens would cost me 6 skeins!
I'm thinking about maybe doing the second mitted totally different or mix the order of the colors if I have enough yarn. Whatever I can do so I don't have to buy more.

Good news though, it's simpler than I thought and I can work them on my shortes circular needle! I really do like how they turn out and I'll probably end up making more of these! And this pair is the third overall mitten pair so far this year! OMG! 2014 is the year of the mittens everybody! Watch me not make a single pair after I'm done with these...
Oh well... They look awesome though! Even though this is a color combination I would NEVER pick out for something for myself...but they will just have to be mine if nobody claims them. Maybe just pulling whatever colors I have from the storage should be a thing for me this year?

What do you guys think? Are they crazy enough for ya?

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