Friday, January 10, 2014

Dragon scale - fingerless mittens!

They are now finished! Made these for the chinese zodiac contest at dA since my zodiac are the dragon. Wanted to make something a bit more abstract since I'm not too good with making amigurumi and them actuall physical resemblences of animals...if you understand what I mean.

I wanted to take an object from the dragon to represent it, for me it makes for a more elegant result than actually having a dragon stitched on, or having my hands stick out of the mouth of a dragon.

The yarn was actually decided before anything else. I've had this skein of some kind of mysterious wool blend yarn for quite some time now. Carolyn gave it to me ages ago and it didn't have a lable. As a result I didn't know what to make with it. but it's soft and the color are soothing.

To make it more interesting and more royal (like all dragons are), I decided to work in a thread of gold decoration thread along with it, leaving only the ribbing plain purple. With this it makes me think about how Smaug in the second Hobbit movie had tons of gold coins stuck between its scales... Also Smaug's scales plays a big role in both the movies and the book and (spoiler) are the way they kill him off, so why not highlight them?

As I've said before, the pattern was ment for gauntlets actually, but I decided to shorten them down. For one, I prefer shorter wristwarmers/mittens, and while these seem to be long enough, they're just a little over half the lenght of the original pattern.

Good thing I did though cause I didn't get much yarn left afterwards! I couldn't have made another repeat of the pattern atleast...that's for sure...

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