Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quatrefoil fair-isle mittens?

Earlier today, I asked the members on a Facebook yarn group if they would be so kind to find me some patterns, any kind of patterns really, and I would choose one of the patterns as my next project. I am currently switching between the blanket for baby CarCar and my mother's granny square chair blankets, both which are pretty boring right now if I might add.

Two people posted a bunch of patterns, and while some of them have been on my needles before, none of them really caught my eye as something I felt I just HAD to make. But my promise was to actually make one of the patterns that was submitted, so I chose the Quatrefoil mittens. Although they look simple enough, I got little experience with fair-isle on DPN's and also fair-isle with three colors at once, so it's a good practice, I should think.

I dove into my yarn storage and fetched out three skeins of singles from my superwash batch. Not really my first choice for colors, but they'll hopefully be ugly enough for people to steal them if I decide to keep them for myself.
The yarns are Trysilgarn Superwash color 215 and 238 along with a skein of Sporty Superwash color 241.

I am also currently having a headache, so wish me luck!

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