Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Progress of the day - 7th jan

I'm not done crafting for the day, but Bård is doing some recording stuff with his American friends in the livingroom so I've moved into the bedroom with my computer and granny squares. Don't really plan on taking much more pictures so I'm gonna post what I got for now.

The Anna mittens ofcourse... Alongside the final felting of the slippers... Doesn't really have to show it off but I'm doing it anyway!

But I've been crocheting most of the day otherwise! Here's all the finished squares I got! This is not the final assemblent mind you. I only put them out like this so I could easily see how many I was missing cause I kept counting them wrong. The chair blankets will be 4x15 squares like this with a black boarder around it all. There's 7 squares missing in these pictures, I got two more ready, just needing ends weaved in so I'm really only missing 5, which I'm working on now. All of them have been started, I am alternating between them with the colors I got, it seems faster that way. So I will most likely (I'll hang myself if I don't) have all the squares ready tomorrow and I might start to connect them all! This might be fun!

The good thing about this is all the new scrap yarn ends going for my eternity blanket!