Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Yeah! Short story: had to frog the end of the mitten cause stupid me started decreasing when the pattern told me to. I could make one more pattern repeat before starting to decrease, and I realised this too late, I was almost finished with the decreasing when I realised that the mitten was way too short for my hand.

So woopie freakin' doo! And I will most likely have to make the next mitten in TOTALLY different colors, or buy more yarn in the same colors. Really defeates the purpose why I actually started the mittens in the first place...

Yeah, as you probably can tell, I just had to put it aside before it flew out the window in frustration. Still love the pattern, still love how they're turning out, but man, I'm furious right now.

So I'm back on the granny square blankets for now.

Got 7 more squares to connect and I can crochet the two pieces together and do all the horizontal lines, and I'm more or less done with the first one!

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