Sunday, January 26, 2014


Sorry for no update yesterday... I managed to stab myself in the hand so I haven't gotten much knitting done sadly. Nothing serious so don't you worry, but I'm sore in the palm and it's swollen so I can't hold the needles for too long. If you're wondering what happened, I was trying to pry two frozen pork chops from each other with a knife, and when they finally gave after, the knife slipped and stabbed my hand. Good thing I used the most dull knife we had cause it could easily have impaled my hand if I've used a different, more sharp one. The bone stopped the knife though, but there's no damage. I can still move everything and got feeling all over, so again, don't worry. This is not the worst accident I've had that actually hit the bone in my hand. Back in goldsmithing school, I tried to drill through some silver. I had it resting against...whatever it's called in english...a wooden thingy. The drill was new and sharp and I used a bit too much force and it went right through both the metal piece and the wood underneath, right into my index winger and into the bone. It actually did alot of damage cause now there's a cracking sound when I bend my finger. Oh so much fun times we had in school!
In other news, I did manage to finish the ugly scrap yarn socks the other day though, so I'll get to photographing them sooner or later and upload them both to dA and this blog.

Bård drew a silly figure on my band aid to cheere me up!

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