Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Anna's mittens - done with the felting!

Sorry for leaving the few of you whom actually are genuinely following along and reads my blog hanging, but I took a nap shortly after the washer was finished and I took the stuff out...so I kinda forgot blogging about the mittens. They turned out decent enough, so you don't have to worry about me putting a gun to my head.

As some of you might have noticed, I posted a video earlier where I checked in on the felting. That was a little over half way through the program, everything looked good in the washer, everything was going smoothly and they weren't ruined yet, so I let them go until the program was over.

When the machine stopped and I pulled them out though, they didn't turn out like I wanted to, but they're way better than I'd imagined!

Yes the diamond snowflakes are too big and placed too far up on the mittens, but the felting made them look much better than they did before!
The mittens them selfs have a kinda short in the hand and they're a bit roomy around the wrists so it will probably take a long time to get them worn in and soft...as it is will all felted knitwork. They're thick and warm and I think I have enough room inside them for a pair of gloves too.

What do you think about the result? I will have to do a little photoshoot when they're all dry and finished, so better pictures, as well as pictures on deviantART will come soon enough!

Oh! And I also felted the ugly slippers I made before Christmas that turned out too big. After the second felting they're perfect! They're thicker, smaller and I bet they'll also be warmer! Might need to make another pair to document every step on the way here so I can write the pattern down properly. It is based of a different pattern with personal changes so I can't take full credit on it.

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