Saturday, February 15, 2014

Batman is almost finished!

Oh my god! I'm so close to finish of Batman guys! Just finished the fair-isle around the yoke and will now do shortened rows in the neck and one last decreasing before ribbing and finished!

As I've said earlier, I was thinking about doing a hood for it, but after trying it on now, I decided against it and will just end with ribbing.

I love this yarn for sweaters though! Even though Silja is more a sock type yarn, it is perfect for sweaters like this. It's strong, and thin, yet warm and cozy. It's also light so the sweater doesn't weigh too much when worn. I will most likely make more sweaters with this yarn, and I do want more Marius sweaters...

What do you guys think? It took me about 10 days to make! Still not 100% done so I might count it as 11, but it's dang fast for a sweater if you ask me!

Still no big fan of yellow though...


  1. Utrolig stilig genser :) Denne bør du lage et mønster på :D

    1. Tusen takk ^^ Tror ikke det hadde vært så populært da det er basert på Marius mønstret... Hadde jeg tatt flere friheter så kanskje :P

  2. That is an awesome sweater Lizzy!! I'm very jealous of your knitting skillz. :D