Monday, February 24, 2014

Boring projects and crochet!

For some time now, I've been slowly working on this cowl in the swedish weave techique for dearest Pickle. But it's so slow and so boring and so tedious, that I can't help myself wanting to work with everything else, even though I promised myself not to start a new project until this cowl was finished.
I'm now at 16,5cm (6,5") so a little under 10cm (4") is left before I'm finished.

Last night when I just couldn't work on it anylonger, I picked up the Quatrefoil mittens I worked on in january and finished up the hand on the first one.

But tonight I didn't feel like either of the two projects, so I decided to start Fibi, the fox doll from Lalylala! Pickle sent me this pattern right after I talked about it previously on my blog. She had purchased the pattern for the fox some time ago, but it turned out too big for her taste, so she sent it to me so I could try it out. So I started it tonight! Got my yarn out, Senjagarn if you were wondering and my 2,5mm hook! It took me 4 failed attempts to get the magic loop method to work, but I am currently on round 4 (hopefully) without fail! Too proud of myself right now! I still got a hard time understanding the stitches, where each and every one of them are, where the end and the start of a round is and so on... so confusing and much more complicated than knitting...

But I really hope that I can do this doll! I've been drooling on several of the Lalylala dolls, expecially the sheep one...want it so if I can do this one, then I'll for sure purchase the sheep pattern! (their page is currently under construction, so the links to Lalylala might not work at the time this blogpost is posted).

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