Sunday, February 2, 2014

Progress of the day - 1st of feb

A new month! Woh!

I finished off two projects at the end of january and ofcourse I had to start a new one...instead of working on all the other UFO's lying around my house... So pulled out the baby merino wool I bought for baby CarCar last month and started the rompers of a baby set. Ofcourse it's pretty much everything else I'm doing.

I started off the first leg in blue, thinking the "main color" could be blue... But as I worked with it and thought of what color combinations to do after this, I decided to frog it and do it in purple instead to make it more gender neutral.

The first color combo I tried on the body was like this:

But as I worked it up, it felt too boyish and frogged it down to the purple again. Tossing out the blue color, I did normal stripes in yellow and green... And it's pretty funky...

I think it would look awesome when finished though, so I'm sticking with it! Hopefully it's gender neutral enough.

I am knitting in size 6-9 months so that baby CarCar will have something warm during winter. He/she is due in august some time, so knitting it in 0-3 months may not give it the maximum use.

I am thinking about making the sweater from a different pattern though, just so I can match the style better.

Anyway, that's pretty much all I did today...except playing Minecraft...


  1. OMFG!! LEEZ!! I love the purple/green/yellow combination!

    I just know she will love it sooooooooo much! :D