Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All kinds of updates!

For some reason, I forgot to keep this blog updated with my crafts while dyeing yarn like a maniac over the weekend and then some... So I figured I'd make a little catch up blogpost here...

First off, Pickle's scarf is pretty much DONE! I'm currently waiting for some more projects of some kind to get done so I can wash and block it. The edge are curling up and it drives me mad! But I'm SO darn glad to be finished with this stupid thing! NEVER EVER AGAIN will I make anything with swedish weave! It was HORRIBLE and BORING!

The Swing Skirt have stopped abruptly to make room for more important projects, but it's so pretty! I really love the colors and I hope to finish it before may so I can use it for our national day...if I can't find anything else to wear... I keep imagening it with a black west or a poofy black shirt...

And the elastic band for it came in the mail yesterday! Wohoo! I love it when eBay sellers ship out their items quickly. There's 1,82m (2 yards) here and I bought it for about 25NOK ($4), free shipping. It's amazing, I would never be able to find a elastic band to match that price, expecially considering it's a little over 3cm (1.20") wide.

I've so far made 16 granny squares for charity squares + one that needs an extra round, and I've got several more to make. I've almost busted ut all the boring colors in the wool bag! Yaaay!

And speaking of granny squares... I'm ALMOST DONE assembeling the second chair blanket for my mother! I took about a month off from these cause connecting the squares killed me! I've been plowing through the squares for the second blanket over the last 3-4 days now,a dn right now, I only got 9 more squares to connect before I connect the two halves and do the horisontal lines. Hopefully I'll have enough yarn after all that to do an extra boarder around both blankets! My parents are stopping by this weekend, so I was hoping to MAAAAYBE (just maybe) get them done by then so my mom can take them with her...and them remove them from my life...

More crochet! I'm surprised of how good I've done with the crocheting on this Lalylala doll. Thanks to Pickle, I've managed to understand and finish the head, the hood and both arms! I've also started a leg, so I got the first boot done! LOVE IT! I really hope I can manage to finish this thing, cause it's so darn cute!!!

But enough of crocheting! Back to knitting! Pickle's friend kinda commissioned me a headband, and I decided to start if when the cowl for Pickle was finished. So here I was, ready to start it off when BOOM! Pattern is finnish... DARN IT! You can find it here BTW... So yeah... Couldn't understand CRAP of the pattern, but lucky for me, there were charts for the cables and stuff! So I'm half winding it, half following the charts and I'm trying my best to make this work! I CAN DO THIS!!!

And one last thing. I'm in the middle of a yarn trade with Brooke, and she sent the package without telling me, so it arrived yesterday and mine are still lying here...waiting... But the yarn trade turned into a sock for cookies right now I'm just waiting to clear out some projects so I can get started on some Lizzy socks for my 'Murican friend and her daughter so I can get Girl Scout Cookies in return! BEST TRADE EVVAH! ANYWAY (I swear...I'm overtired...) her package arrived today, and she sent me two beautiful skeins from Knit Picks. See, we don't have Knit Picks over here, and they don't send to Norway... I see EVERYBODY gushing over Knit Picks...when they're not gushing over the cheap ass crap yarn from Wall Mart that is...and I've been wanting to see what kind of quality they can bring in their yarn. The skeins Brooke sent was one skein of Palette, which is100% Peruvian Highland wool. It's thin and pretty and soft and I love it! I haven't tried knitting with it, but I'd love to make an everyday jacket in this yarn. But I'm left with only one skein here, so who knows what I'll make of it. She also sent me a skein of Gloss which is 70% and 30%. It is crazy soft and crazy pretty! I want a sea of this yarn and make all kinds of things with it. But again, only one skein...sadly... Both of them are "cream" (aka natur for oss nordmenn) and she told me she thought I would enjoy dyeing them, and therefor she sent me these. HECK YES I WILL DYE THESE! That gurl knows me!

She also sent me a bag of buttons, 5-6 of which I will use for my Tanja jacket. When we started the trade, she asked me what I wanted for the yarn I was giving her, and I told her some buttons for this jacket would be nice cause I have none! So she whipped up some buttons in the size I needed and added a bunch of extra buttons. Thank you Brooke! You're awesome! You will not be dissapointed with what I'm sending you back! Promise!

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  1. I just recently received some yarn from Knitpicks as well! I ordered myself, but had it shipped to a friend('s office), and she brought it to Sweden and sent it from there, lol. Very tedious, and Knitpicks is kinda slow to ship.. But I needed a very specific color/thickness and couldn't find it elsewhere!
    I got two Brava Bulky skeins, sooo soooft (100% acrylic though, so..) I haven't made anything yet (gonna make a hat, my first one!), I wanna get some process on other things first before starting something new.

    Trades sounds fun! Too bad Norway is so expensive, both yarn wise and shipping wise :(