Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cowl, headband and blankets!

And there we go! Three projects are finished!

First and foremost: the damned granny square blankets can finally be crossed off my list! Feels so good to be done with them! Washed them yesterday and now they were dry enough to photograph and folded. My mother will pick them up tomorrow sometime and I can't wait to get ridd of them!

Pickle's cowl is also finished! Washed it at along with the blankets and it is also dry enough to photograph finally. Yarn used is Trysil Garn's Alpa in 15%wool, 20% alpaca and 65% acryllic, but it doesn't have that icky acryllic feel to it. Knitted on needles 3,5mm.

Last but not least is the headband for Pickle's friend, Drunk Uncle June. She requested this after she was told I was making a cowl for Pickle. Made in the same yarn, on the same sized needles. The pattern sadly was in finnish so I couldn't understand a damned thing! Lucky for me, it had charts, so I did my best as to follow them, but I had to make some changes and it's not 100% the same after all...

Good to get these projects done and over with! Next projects are a wine holder for Bård's aunt and a pair of socks for a Zelda contest! The wine holder yarn is currently sitting closest to me, so I guess I'll start that next... See ya'll later!

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