Monday, March 17, 2014

All the socks!

Wish I could live off socks...  They my favorite thing to make and they keep my feet warm and toasty!

Now, as I've told you guys, I'm in the middle of a "socks for cookies" trade for Brooke, and I'm having too much fun making socks for her. Now, I'm not sure if she's seen these yet, or if she likes them, but I surely do. I finished them up yesterday and I just love the colors. I've used Karisma from Drops Design, a 100% wool superwash yarn (the purple) and then a variegated mixed blend called Ragg Soft. It's 60% wool, 20% nylon and 20% acryllic. Good for socks, but has a little too much acryllic feel to them for my taste. I got a bunch of scraps like these so I might whip up a ugly scrap sock pair for her too.

Now, our trade involved a pair of socks for her daughter too... And if you guys remember way back, I said I was working on a secret project. Well, I was actually making a secret sock pair for little Brenna, BEFORE Brooke asked me to make her some. Now that I've gotten her shoe size, these are sadly a bit too big for her, but that only gives her something to grow into. They're in a yarn fairly similar to the green/blue variegated I used for Brooke's socks, and they got the same quality too. So... SURPRISE! I might end up making an extra pair for her though, just because I can, I got more of this yarn to use anyway.

Then there's this Zelda contest at Knitting-and-Crochet group on dA... I suddenly hit me a couple of weeks ago what I were to make for the contest; socks ofcourse! I sat down and used three days to get the charts right, and today I started them! Had to turn the livingroom upside down to find my darling fair-isle needles though. I refuse to knit fair-isle socks without them.

And then there's these last socks... I found these while roaming through my workshop yesterday. I made these for some old friend of mine...before she stabbed me quite painfully in the back...and I have no idea what to do with these... My calfs are too fat for them, so maybe someone else out there wants them instead? I haven't weaved in the ends on them yet, so that has to happend... but other than that, they're pretty fancy if I could say so myself. Definitly scrap socks though.

More socks ahead! And no, I don't have a foot fetish...just in case you were wondering...

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