Thursday, March 27, 2014

WIP retro colored Marius!

Ofcourse at the time when I need to work on a sweater that my friend ordered, I have to get this Minecraft urge... Crazyness...

Oh yes! A friend of mine ordered a sweater! I've forgotten to tell you guys about that! A week ago I ordered yarn for it, loads of wonderfull Merino yarn from Drops and late on tuesday I fired up the needles! ...but I've been a lazy butt, so sorry for REALLY slow update!

This is going to be a Marius with round yoke in stylish retro colors. The main color will be mustard yellow while the fair-isle pattern will be cream and the neckline dark brown.

But as I've said, I've been procastinating... Right now I'm trying to kick in a second gear into my needles, but it's not really working for some reason... I'm at 12cm (almost 5") right now and will start the waist curving pretty soon.

Fun times! So much fun to make Marius sweaters again! Think I gotta try and finish up the sweater I promised Bård forever ago after this...

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