Saturday, March 1, 2014

Yarns and squares!

A little late for an update like this, but oh well... Got mail today! More squares from my lovely share-a-square attendants! I'm now up to 8...and we're two months on's SO good that people actually follow through with this events and let ALL the others down by NOT sending out a single square in ALMOST A YEAR! Please note my sarcasm...

Anywho... My two squares came from MadeWithLove8 and they are beautiful!

I've also been yarnshopping today! Nothing much, but some skeins for some projects. I'm trying not to overdo my hoarding... Got two skeins of Alpa for a headband and also to complete Pickle's cowl.

Then I got some Artic, which is new, pure wool for felting. I've never tried this yarn before so I got some extra just in case. This will be a "santa gnome" wine holder, pattern can be found here. Bård's aunt really liked the one I made for his parents so I'm going to make her one as well. I'm hoping to get it finished pretty quickly cause Bård is going to visit his parents in march, and it would be great if he could deliver it for me.

There haven't been much progress on my projects today though... I've felt kinda tired and unmotivated so I haven't done much on my skirt, but it's looking pretty good so far! The colors go well together and look pretty in general. Any kind of flash is killing it though, so I'll have to get some good pictures in natural light when it's finished to really show it off! It's a hassle to knit with 5 different colors at once cause the yarn keeps on tangeling, but it's so fun to see it grow and to see the colors unfold.

But except for some rows on the skirt, I've been working on my eternity scrap blanket all evening. I got a bunch of scraps flowing around so I figured I'd clear some out of the way.

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