Friday, March 7, 2014

Progress of the day - 7th march

Wow! Finally, a progress of the day blogpost! Why do I got a feeling nobody cares about these?

Today I actually managed to get ALOT of shit done! Or so it felt atleast... First off, I've done quite some progress on the headband. It doesn't look exactly like the pattern, but when it's all in a language I don't understand, I'll just have to do whatever I can to make it work! It's almost halfway there and allready I have more cables than the original one. It doesn't look bad, but it's a bit slimmer than it should be. I don't mind and I hope the reciever don't mind.

What's more exciting is that I've finished the danged chair blankets for my mother! I've washed them and they are now currently drying! So happy these are done! You have no idea! I started them around easter, a year ago, so you can only imagine my reliefe! My mom will stop by on sunday and pick them up, and I can hardly wait to get them out of my house.

I've also washed up Pickle's cowl and it is currently drying...don't have any pictures of it, sadly... Just...use your imagination!
Night folks! I am off to bed! Been trying to wrap my brains around my entry for the Zelda contest over at KnC... I swear, I'm having a harder time getting anything done for this one than I did for Batman... I've been sketching up and drawing out chart after chart of crappy, unuseable fair-isle patterns, I'm more or less stuck...I's hard to make it look good!

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