Monday, March 24, 2014

Simple crochet dishclohts

During the past couple of days, I've been working on dishcloths, crochet this time actually. I usually prefer the thinner, more quality type cotton, but I had a total of four skeins of this thick, icky cotton I've got from my friends in North America. Three of these skeins was a brand called Bernat that I've gotten from Star. I've allready talked a bit about these since I had bleached one of the skeins and got a fancy camo effect with it. But as I started working with this yarn, I realised that I just don't like it. It's thick so I had to use 4,5mm hook on it, knitting with it was kinda out of the question.
The last skein was Sugar and Cream that I've recieved ages ago from Tiffany, and it is exactly the same as Bernat. The same thickness and the same icky feeling so I decided to use them all up at the same time.

The one with red is Sugar and Cream and the other three is Bernat. The one that appears blue in the picture was actually different shades of green. The lighting screwed me over whenI took the pictures...

In retrospect, I should maybe have used these skeins for pot holders rather than dishcloths, since they're so thick it would be good to handle warm things, but they work good for dishcloths too... Maybe a little too thick, but they wash well, I started using the lime green one earlier today!

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  1. We use a lot of the sugar and creme here in the states...they do make great pot holders though because of the thickness...I also use for dishcloths and bathcloths as is hard to find thinner cotton thread here...