Friday, March 21, 2014

Dyed and bleached yarn!

I am finally awake and I've gotten around to wind up and photograph all the yarn I've been dyeing over the last week or so! So much fun new yarn and so many fun few colors!

First off, we have the Gloss DK yarn from  Knit Picks that Brooke sent me. It's so pretty and soft, I was scared to dye it, in case I messed it up, but I love the outcome! With two packs of Kool-Aid Lemonade and half a pack Lemon Lime, I got these fantastic colors, variating from minty green to neon green! Fits my life so perfectly!

Right after I finished up dyeing this skein, I dipped two skeins of Bomull Sport cotton in bleach and got these amazing colors! A much better result than my first bleaching cause these don't go to white.

So I then decided to try and bleach a different cotton brand that has a totally different feel to it. This was a skein of Bernat Handicrafter Cotton that I recieved from Star during Secret Santa. It turned into these amazing camo colors which I really love.

And at last, we got the tea dyed yarn. I've wanted to try this ever since I started dyeing, the result was better than expected, tough, I wish that the herb one would turn out better. Bottom left is green tea on Safirgarn, 100% new pure wool yarn. Bottom right is black tea, also on Sarfirgarn. The one on top is herbal tea on Karisma from Drops, 100% wool, superwash treated.

So, maybe I should start using some of the stuff I've dyed and bleached now before I do more? Yeah... My shelf behind me is getting stuffed...

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